a-nation ’08 pics

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This is our first glance at Ayu’s a-nation performances! 😀  enjoy the sexy pictures 😉

In the puring rain, Ayumi still performed!

In the puring rain, Ayumi still performed!

another shot of Ayu performing at a-nation

another shot of Ayu performing at a-nation


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People in Ayu’s life

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credits to ayu-mi-x.com

1. Family

Mother: On the 28 December 1998 “All Night Nippon” show, ayu herself talked about her in detail. Ayu called her “Ayu Mommy” and “Mommy”. Since there has been some tension between them, it could be said that “A Song for XX” is a message to her mother. She lives in Tokyo.

Father: Because her parents were divorced when she was 3 or 4 years old, ayu has not seen her father since.

Grandmother: When ayu was small, instead of her mother, her grandmother took care of the meals. Also lived in Tokyo, same as Ayu’s mother. Died in February 1998 (during the time of recording “poker face”). (Hamasaki Republic)

Dearest Dogs: “Ringo”, “Melon”, “CREA”
Ringo and Melon appear in the 1st Album photos.
Ayu dotes on CREA so much that her name has become ayu’s pen-name when she writes music.
Ayu stated in March 2002 that she has Marron, a mini dachshund.

Relative’s Older Brother: Appeared on her official home page profile.
Had a musical influence on ayu.

Older Brother?: When ayu went to Hawaii, Sports papers reported information that she was accompanying her real, actual older brother, but the truth of this is unknown.

2. Friends

Tomoya Nagase: The lover ayu revealed she had in September 2001.
Although they met when costarring in “Twin Teachers” in 1993, they spontaneously met again in 1999.
In December 2000, they met again and fell in love. (according to newspapers)

Natsuki: Real name is Toyoda Natsuki. Ayu met this close friend in 1999. Although ayu often spoke of her on the radio in the first half of 1999, after June 1999 she stopped mentioning her entirely. From the “SCAR” lyrics, fans expected a split of their friendship. In the videos of ayu’s Concert Tour 2000 shows, Natsuki’s name appeared as a manager, so we think ayu’s friendship with her returned and we think they’ve been side-by-side ever since.

ANEKI: Ayu calls her “ANEKI” in radio & concerts, and ayu has spoken of her in magazines, although many think she is natsuki because ayu doesn’t explain, it’s a different person.
Please see Ayu Love Ayu’s Ayu Database for more detailed information.
In the February 2001 “M” PV release and the March 2001 “A BEST” release, her real name appears with a Manager credit.
In 1993’s “Twin Teachers”, she performed in the role of a student along with Ayu & Nanase, and they’ve been friends ever since.

Mikajohn: In “Free & Easy: Hamasaki Republic”, Ayu called her a charming woman. She is considered a good woman ahead of men.
Has some kind of relationship with Itoi san.
President of the Peach John company (ladies’ underwear seller). From the company’s home page:
Representative and Chairman: Noguchi Shouji
Representative and President: Noguchi Mika
They seem to be a married couple.*

Nakayama Emily: Classmate at Horikoshi High School. In photo magazines, photos from that time of them together have appeared.
They don’t seem to keep company these days.

Friend who introduced ayu to Senmu: Is this the friend ayu has called “brother”?

Others: At the end of album lyric booklets, friends’ names are printed, whose details are still unknown:

End of album lyric booklets:

1st Album:
“ma-chan, Aneki, Natsuki, Rie, DICE and My family…”
(Aneki & Natsuki are mentioned above.
ma-chan, Rie, and DICE are unknown.)

2nd Album:
“Ayumi & kaori, Natsuki, Rie, aya, and My family…”
(Ayumi [Aneki] and kaori [aneane].
aya is unknown.
I think this is where Ayumi’s name is revealed)

3rd Album:
“Natsuki Toyoda (premium promotion)”
(Natsuki has become staff here.)
“Aneki, kaori, Ai, aki, aya, Tomochin, and My family and you”
(Ai, aki, aya, Tomochin are all unknown
“and you” is ayu thanking the fans too.)

We met Natsuki in the “For My Dear…” PV. The details of her performance are unknown.

Girl getting on the subway: Rumi-san? (Mentioned in the HAMASAKI AYUMI DVD)
Man doing the laundry: Someone from her staff? (Someone similar was seen in the concert tour 2000 video)
Girl going to the rental video store: Natsuki (Ayu mentions it in the HAMASAKI AYUMI DVD)
Man going back to the rental video store: ?

3. Co-Workers

Senmu: Max Matsuura. Managing director of avex. Interviewed actress-era Ayu in a Roppongi Karaoke bar.
Ayu stopped acting, and a year later she debuted after lessons.
Recently, Ayu took lessons in New York again and since then has awakened as a singer.
Coming into her own unique world, with “A Song for XX” ayu has become a star.
Remix records are something that started with an idea from Senmu.
At about a year since her debut, Ayu respected him as a benefactor, but since then there was more distance between them. In “Free & Easy Hamasaki Republic” she said they’d been distant about 2 1/2 years. So that’s since summer 1999?

nontan: Real name is Junichi Kamitoku. Originally from Hiroshima. Being her manager since her debut, ayu’s confidence in him runs deep. She calls him nontan (according to the HAMASAKI AYUMI dvd).
Guitarist Yocchan is there upon nontan’s wishes.
On the LOVE ~Destiny~ CD cover, the person ayu is hugging is nontan.
And in that PV, he was shown together with Magu & Ayu. (When she’s going past the school girls, they’re escorting her.)

Magu: Real name is Yuka Kikuchi. Also Ayu’s manager since her debut, along with nontan.
Has taken great personal care of ayu.
It seems he got this nickname because his eyes resembled Maguro (Tuna) eyes.
Chief Manager. Ayu has said that if working with Magu wasn’t possible, she’d resign from the company. (From “Free & Easy: Hamasaki Republic”.)

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“SEASONS” being used in Avex Musical

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To put it simply, Ayumi’s record label Avex Trax is producing a musical to, along with many other things, celebrate their 20th year anniversary.  There will be about 20 songs made by various avex artists, and “SEASONS” by Ayumi will be used.  The production is called “Kokoro no Kakera”

Avex to produce musical “Kokoro no Kakera”
Sat, June 28, 2008 (7:27pm EDT)
Music label Avex has announced that it is producing a musical this September, titled “Kokoro no Kakera.” The soundtrack is said to feature 21 songs, chosen from the company’s hits over the past two decades. This is the first time that a record company has put together a musical based on songs by several of its artists.

The story, set in a fantasy world, centers around a wounded OL who roams a futuristic city searching for mysterious “heart fragments.” Avex talents such as Takahiro Nishijima (AAA) and Hiroki Aiba have been cast. Playwright Tsuyoshi Kida wrote the script, and Shunichi Okamura is directing.

Some of the songs being used are Namie Amuro’s “Can You Celebrate?,” Ayumi Hamasaki’s “SEASONS,” and Kumi Koda’s “Koi no Tsubomi.”

The musical will be performed at Tokyo’s Aoyama Theatre from September 15 to September 29.

「Feelin’ Good~It’sPARADISE~」DA PUMP
「パピヨン」島谷ひとみ [Papillion]
「友達の詩」中村中 [Tomodachi no Uta]
「恋心」相川七瀬 [Koigokoro]
「寒い夜だから・・・」TRF [Samui Yoru Dakara]
「fragile」Every Little Thing
「Lovers Again」EXILE
「comea gain」m-flo
「プラネタリウム」大塚 愛 [Planetarium]
「柊」Do As Infinity [Hiiragi]
「DOWN BEAT STOMP」東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ
「のうぜんかつら(リプライズ)」安藤裕子 [Nouzen Katsura]
「月光花」Janne Da Arc [Gekkouchou]

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teamAyu post 235 ; translation

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credits to ayu-mi-x.com

Whether laughing or crying.
No. 235 29 June 2008 (Sunday) 1:10 AM

Tomorrow, the curtain will be closed on the Japan leg of the tour.

I have recieved thoughts from everyone I’ve met all over the
country, those who can’t come to the show tomorrow, everyone
who answered me with all their strength, and even
everyone who’s going to the show tomorrow, and thanks
to these precious, precious feelings all over my
whole body, I feel I am able to sing.

Because absolutely we’re having a wonderful time.

No matter what’s happening in a given moment, the thought of it burns into our hearts.

Today, everyone’s love was flooding the venue,
and I felt like I could cry from the very first song.

All throughout Japan, you all, who love me so much,
were gathering together.
I truly, truly thank you.

Tomorrow, with all our hearts, let’s decorate the last show with so many different smiles & tears all together, and make the show the best.

I’m doing this show with all my might!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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teamAyu post 234 ; translation

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credits to ayu-mi-x.com

I am…
No. 234 28 June 2008 (Sat) 2:20 AM

…a girl who keeps her promises! (`_’)vBEEP!

Yep, I make such judgment because I have come to talk about Countdown Live, following through with the declaration in my last entry.

But that said, considering what I’m going to write, I’m not sure how or to what extent I should convey my thoughts. I’m having trouble with that.

So because I’m having issues there, I’m just gonna convey this to all you who I wish to see in Yoyogi, with the plain & clear feelings that I have, sticking to the honest feelings I have in my own heart.

I hesitated on this. And even now I’m hesitating.
However, I’m going to say what I feel.

After my birthday, in the fall of last year, I was busy working on the album.
During that time, I stayed in LA for quite awhile, so I could do my photoshoots & recording sessions.
News of Aneki’s* death had come from my mother, only immediately reaching Bancho**, Ohji***, and my closest staff members, it seemed.
But everyone had discussed it, and they decided that telling me this would make it too hard for me to work, and they said I shouldn’t know until I returned to Japan.

I didn’t know what was going on, so in a very happy-go-lucky & easygoing way, I said, “Hmm, how come I’m not getting any e-mails?”

They revealed the truth, and I found it to be extremely bitter.

So I finished all my work and came back home that very day. When I got to my house, Mommy was there.
Since we’re not living together (in case you were wondering), she didn’t say “okaeri”, but her eyes were filled to the brim with tears as she started to say, “Ayu, Aneki has gone to Heaven.”

I rushed out of the house, on my own. I got into a taxi, and very purposefully I went to Aneki’s house.
I hadn’t been able to comprehend everything until I saw that the power was off.

Then, I saw Aneki’s ashes.
I don’t know how long, but I was silent, remaining crouched down.
It really took a considerable amount of time before I was able to cope with the reality of all of it.

Having these kinds of feelings, the end of the year was a blur for me.

With a feeling of nothingness, I went through a number of events, and I ended up building a bigger & bigger wall around me.

That was how Countdown Live was.
The show Aneki was looking forward to.

After the show on the 31st finished, my heart was ruled by huge anxiety, something I haven’t felt since then until now.

That’s… wow, how to explain it…
I can’t aptly explain it with words, but…

Even when I thought to myself, “I have to be able to make it somehow!!!”, I, who should have been determined to keep running, was extremely depressed anyway.

Naturally, with everyone who came to the venue and even with everyone who just watched on TV, I had the best & most amazing time on the 30th and 31st, and, this is an absolute fact, I was really happy.

However, I gave myself away, so I think many of you were probably able to understand.

No, absolutely, I think you all understood.

So during those two days, there was the issue with my left ear not working, and it scared me. At the same time, I thought to myself, I am a vocalist, but again, I’m also a human being, and I need to be able to lead this team. I thought I couldn’t play both roles.

In a performance, singing the songs is the most important thing. As such, the most basic and most fundamental #1 thing wasn’t really there.
If I said anything as I was right then, I had no persuasive power. Moreover, this thing with Aneki influenced me to the point where even my judgement had been considerably shaky.

One song, and then another… whenever I go to sing, my hearing condition continues to get worse, and my mood is nothing but impatient.

When I think like that, I can’t sing. I can’t be heard…

Without hitting on the problem, I was always getting angry and getting sad, feeling chagrin, but even in my head it was a jumble.

Anyway… even if you just watch the DVD, since there was alot of crying during the show, so you can probably understand.

One way or another New Year’s Day arrived, thanks to the love of all the guests there, and the many wonderful staff & band members and dancers, but I was still always thinking.

Can I never sing again like I used to?
Would that concert become my last?

For a very very long time, I was thinking so many, SOOO MANY different things like this.

Thinking about it & thinking about it & thinking about it some more, I struggled to arrive at one solution.
And then, the answer came

Keep on singing.

Just that.
From the day I decided that, I made a vow never again to complain or make any excuses.

And, as one of my ambitions for this year, I have been coming here to write, telling everyone my feelings.

Do you remember when that was said?

So during this year’s long tour, I’ve been able to do absolutely everything.
Every day, every single day was filled up, and I was busy both mentally and physically.
But absolutely, I wasn’t defeated. I couldn’t be defeated.
Because I made a promise to everyone.

Once again, like I have in the past — no, like I will from now on — I’ve become strong enough to really stand on that grand stage. I’ve been thinking that during rehearsals for many months now.

Since then I’ve realized how quickly time is passing. It’s surprising to think that tomorrow is already Yoyogi

Lots of things happened during the tour….
I didn’t think of these circumstances as challenging, though.
Because, even with all that stuff happening,
I know that you all understand, everyone.

It might be reckless to say, but even when feeling desperate inside, the time spent with everyone during this tour was truly the best time. My memories of those days shine more & more, quickly & strongly, and I become a better person for it.

I feel the importance of my 10th anniversary acutely throughout my whole self.

I began the tour at Yoyogi.
I clearly remember every exchange between my heart & everyone else’s since that day.
Everyone’s smiling faces, tear-stained faces, perplexed faces, I love aaaallll of them.

Everyone’s feelings are always transmitted to me.

I am very fortunate.

I thought, if I had to lose my left ear, it’s alright that I’ll keep trying with only my right ear.
But that’s not quite right.

I haven’t lost anything.

Because everyone has offered to become my left ear.

So my ears are stronger now.

That having been said, although I was smiling about this, and those were beautiful thoughts, this writer has become useless.
The screen is getting blurry, so that’s no good.

But I’ll hold these tears back until the last day.

The tour continues into the Fall, but for right now, the domestic part of the tour ends with the 2 days in Yoyogi……..

I look forward to some serious fighting spirit!!!!!
Let’s make it the best two days ever,

While saying that, I was secretly feeling very anxious.

Thank you for reading this until the very end.

Aneki, please always watch over me!!!!!

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“Life” Lyrics, Romaji & Translation

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Japanese Lyrics
それはあまりにも 突然すぎたから
受け止める事が できなくって

嘘だよと言って いたずらな顔で
誰か笑ってよって 思ったりした

ね 僕は何を思えば良い?
ね 僕には一体何ができる?

きっと僕は 歩く事も 笑う事も 呼吸をする事も
他愛のない 会話さえも 当たり前に 続くと思ってたんだ


ね 君は何を思うのだろう?
ね 君にはどんな風に映ってる?

きっと今の 君はとても そうこれまでの 君よりもずっと
痛みだとか 愛だとかの 意味を知って 強く優しくなった

Oh もう一度 思いだそう 当たり前の様に いつもあると



Romanized Lyrics

sore wa amari ni mo totsuzen sugi dakara
uketomeru koto ga dekinakute

uso da yo to itte itazurana kao de
dare ga waratte yotte omottari shita

nee boku wa nani wo omoebaii
nee boku ni wa ittai nani ga dekiru

kitto boku wa aruku koto mo
warau koto mo kokyuu wo suru koto mo
taai no nai kaiwa sae mo
atari mae ni tsuzuku to omottetanda

maru de nanigoto mo nakatta ka no you ni
machi ni kyou mo mata mawari tsuzuke

nee kimi wa nani wo omou no darou
nee kimi ni wa donna kaze ni hatteru

kitto ima no kimi wa totemo
sou kore made no kimi yori mo zutto
takami da to ka ai da to ka no imi wo shitte
tsuyoku yasashiku natta

mou ichido omoidasou
atari mae no you ni itsumo aru to
omotteiru mono wa sashite
atte touzen nanka janaindatte

watashi kai na WAKE ja nai
kimi ga sore wo oshietekuretanda

kiseki wo okosunda

English Translation

This is far too sudden so
It’s not something I’m able to handle.

I say “It’s a lie” with a mischievous face
and then felt like laughing.

Hey, what should I think?
Hey, what on earth could I do?

I was sure, all the times when we walked,
Times when we smiled, times when we breathed,
Even the silly conversations
I thought the usual things would continue.

As if nothing had happened at all,
I continue around the town today

Hey, what would you think?
Hey, what kind of wind have you left your mark upon?

The “you” in my mind now
Will continue on forever
The one who taght me the meaning of love & pain
Strongly and tenderly.

Once again, the usual things
I remember are piling up
And the things I remember
and that seemed so natural are gone.

It was when you weren’t there that
you were able to teach me.

You woke me up to a miracle.

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oricon half-year rankings

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So Oricon has finally released the half year rankings for products they chart.  Ayumi has appeared on the half year charts 3 times, with “Mirrorcle World”, “GUILTY”, and “ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2007 A ~Tour of Secret~ “LIVE+DOCUMENTARY””.

The chart is pretty easy to read.  The number all the way on the left is the half year ranking, then in the middle it’s the artist and product.  The last number is the amount of copies that were sold.

Singles Complete Ranking – http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/special/080620_01_01.html

Mirrorcle World Ranking

Albums Complete Ranking – http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/special/080620_01_03.html

GUILTY Ranking

DVDs Complete Ranking – http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/special/080620_01_05.html

ASIA TOUR 2007 Ranking

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